The winery  was  built in  1970  and  restored in 2004 with a capacity of 1.2 million liters.

The building  has got  very  functional  distribution,  with three levels:  high, ground and underground, for organize the process from top to bottom, taking advantage of the gravity  benefits  for  the  movement  of  the  wines.

The winery is well-equipped with  modern technology that enables  high-quality  wines.

The  winemaking  begins  in the  top level  of the  building, bringing  the  grapes  to  small  vessels  of  2000 to  5000 liters,  which  facilitate  optimal  maceration  of  the  skins.

On  the ground level  are received  for a budding,  then on the  underground  level  are  stored in barrels  for one year and   finally  in   bottles  where  rest  at  temperature  and humidity  controlled.